Worst. Birthday. Ever!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook probably know what happened to me this past week, but even if you do, I thought I’d give you an update.

After feeling poorly all weekend last (almost blacking out a few times) I finally said, “Honey, take me to the ER or MedNow Clinic. Doesn’t matter which.”

So we ended up at the clinic, and after an EKG, they called the ambulance toute de suite. I went to JFK Medical Center from there — it’s a little far away, but it’s actually for the best we followed our own particular trajectory, since the Gardens Medical Center had been on diversion all day due to a power outage. Who knows when they would have seen me?

Apparantely, I was having a V-Tach – that’s ventricular tachycardia. Does anyone remember the Loyola Marymount basketball player Hank Gathers, who died on the court from this? Here’s a link, so you can learn a little more about it.

I spent Tuesday night through yesterday aftenoon in the hospital. Including my birthday on Wed. UGH! On Wed., I had a carido cath, which means they inserted a tube into my right arm and when into my heart to check for blockage. I was clear.

Thursday was sitting around watching horrible TV – I never need to see King of Queens again in this lifetime, people!!

Friday was my second procedure. A electrochardial study and then an ablation. They put a tube/wires up through my groin and then studied the “electrical system” of my heart. Next, they burned a hole there to “reset” me. And here I am!

I am fine. The “holes” in me are teeny tiny. However, I look like I have junkie arms now. Someone call Intervention! I have small veins, and this proved to be a challenge for the hopsital staff — with the exception of Bernard, the Jamaican male nurse who waltzed into my room at 2 in the morning singing some old Soul II Soul and ended with a little Bob Marley. This guy should do ALL the Ivs.

I am fine and so thankful for the friends and family who wished me well on Facebook and through phone calls. Gina and Bonnie (who is all the way in Costa Rica!) I am thinking of you in particular. Even though my readership is small, it amazes me how we can forge friendships online that really last. Thank you so much.

I thank my husband, Jon, too. The light of my life, my other half. Jon himself went through a scare about 4 years ago when he developed a disease called ITP. It ended with a spleen removal and lots of worry, but it’s funny how we’ve both surrvived near life-ending health scares. I feel we’ve both been given second chances, and should not waste them.

Whenever I find myself in the hospital I always get an “earmworm;” a song that goes round and round in my head. This time, it was “Spit on a Stranger,” by Pavement….

“honey i’m a prize and your a catch and we’re a perfect match…”

How funny that on Thursday night, I was watching a rerun of How I Met Your Mother (good lord, we got nothing but CBS reruns!) and they played it.

It’s an all-time favorite. Nickel Creek do a great version, too. Oh well, it was just sayin’ what I had been thinkin’.

More blogging later this week — I plan to recoup for a few days and then hope to return to work. I actually do. Last night I was organizing the apt. like a crazy person. Being out of control is such a scary thing.



  1. Gina · August 15, 2011

    It’s so good to see you post! You know I love your posts under normal circumstances, but it’s all the better now! Yes, you definitely win for the shittiest birthday. That’s no way to celebrate, so you’ll just have to turn your missed birthday into a month’s celebration.

    I’m glad you are “reset”. Take it easy. And seriously, if I can do anything to help…

  2. Toni R. · August 16, 2011

    I’m so glad that you are feeling better. I’m always grateful when the nurse, tech or medical assistant can rock a needle stick otherwise it looks like I’ve been hit repeatedly in the arms with a rubber hose.

  3. Mimi · September 11, 2011

    Sorry to read about your ordeal… Hope you are doing well. My wee grandson had a similar condition develop this year. They did an ablation [up in Orlando] .. he’s doing great, running around, playing sports, etc. It was scary, but the procedure seems to have a very good outcome for most.

    I hear you on small veins. I also have them, and have been subjected to incompetent phlebotomists more times than I care to remember … taking blood is supposed to be a necessary skill, so how is it some practitioners are so grossly incompetent? I remember one “nurse” who had to put the needle in 5 times and kept swearing at me the whole time as if it were my fault. Finally, she passed me off to another who got the vein in one quick try after taking a few moments to pump up my vein so it was more visible. Good grief.

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