12 Days of Freedom

Start now. AHHHHHH! No stupid bookstore and all its attendant bs!

I’m waiting for hubby to come home so we can drive to Miami and see Mr. Bryan Ferry.


I am wearing my Target Missoni in honor of the evening. Yes, I scored some, I’m a little scoundrel.

I have a lot to write in the coming days, Stitch Rock is Saturday, and I’m super psyched for that. Photos, I swear!

Although probably not of me. I have gained an alarming amount of weight (no joke) and my next phase is to somehow work this off.

I got a ticket this week to add to my alarming medical bills. So, life is meh. But I will soldier on. Thanks for the messages Gina (I owe you an e-mail, girl!) and Mimi as well- it was nice to know someone else went through what I did, and your message meant a lot to me.

Okay, honey better hurry home, I need some Eurotrash music and NOW!


One comment

  1. Gina · October 16, 2011

    I die too! I’m soo jealous — Bryan Ferry and Target Missoni!

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