Pictures, as promised

It was a whirlwind weekend, and I’m winding down my “stay cation.” Man, I hate that word. Almost as much as I hate going nowhere!
The Bryan Ferry show was awesome, although mayhap not as energetic as the one I saw over 15 years ago. But look, that man is 65 and qualifies for AARP. What do you expect? My photos of the show were only okay, even though we were about 16 rows back. But these were taken by my husband’s photographer for the Web site.

To make up for the lack of energy, he had some smoking dancers who I nicknamed “Skinny Ponytail” and “Curly Redhead.” I’m sure you’ll see why.

So there you go. I will say also that it was one of the nicest crowds I’ve seen a show with in a long time. Maybe because we were all the same age? Oh well, there WERE some old farts.

Okay, onto the show. We did great and I was real happy about that. Of course, now I am missing it. No photos of me, as I am blown up like a tick.

The outdoor area, under the tent.

Our booth, not quite done with setup.

Jon took this on the Instagram - this is what it looks like when everyone is setting up.

And this is the PS561 hot dog truck - we have been doing a lot of food truck rallies lately, and this is quite frankly, the best hot dog I ever had. Fresh grilled, I got the Ban Mih dog.

And that’s it until next year!


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