My favorite outfit from Cannes

As is there could be any doubt….
Bill, as always, you have my heart. Now I have to see Moonrise Kingdom, even though I think Wes Anderson has lost it. And this is from the girl who puts Rushmore in her top three favorite movies of all time.

PS: I just joined Weight Watchers this A.M. More on that later, but I have ballooned thirty pounds above my normal weight, and forty above my ideal weight. Working at a job you hate will do that. It’s time for a change, wish me luck!

The bitch is back

So I quit this gig about two months ago:


And am working as a researcher at a local firm now and have never been happier. When I got up Friday morning, I had such a feeling of euphoria I thought I might poop myself. Seriously.

A lot of time has passed. This was my favorite Oscar gown of a few months back, in case you were losing sleep:

In perusing the latest knit patterns, I’m glad to see Louisa Harding has copied me, but with her expensive yarn. I KID! You know how I love me some Louisa. Especially when she’s had some gin. I’ll never tell…

Aw hell, I’m just throwing caution to the wind and saying anything.

I have some good news but it has to wait till next week. I’m not pregnant so don’t ask. But my sister is, so there’s that.

What I’m listening to this afternoon….