Yesterday I called in sick to work b/c I was having massive stomach problems. I slept most of the day, read in bed with kitty and in the afternoon watched Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

I find there is no better world cinema to knit to than Italian. It’s something about the flow of the subtitles as opposed to French or German or Asian.

I just like watching Marcello Mastroanni movies, too. And then, there’s this:

I mean, COME ON. Now that is a woman. Love you, Sophia, and your 1980s perfume smelled pretty good if memory serves.

Today I saw Peter O’Toole trending on Google and I feared he had died. Thank God, not yet. I was really panicking there for a second. I think it’s time for a re-watch of The Ruling Class. “If you are God, show us your godhead!”

I guess you just have to see it.

There is something about sitting down and watching a movie I want to watch that really refuels me like nothing else. I know it’s upitty and snobbish to say I don’t know anyone who likes the things I like, but it’s true. I do have a friend, but she’s in Cali now. She was my art house movie bud. I miss you, Lisa.

Hey, I got a raise at work today and that is just spiffy. I cannot express how happy I am to be away from the sinking ship that is Barnes and Noble. I still read a live journal board about how shitty it is there and it just makes me sad.

Honey is late coming home, but I am in the middle of making dinner, so I will bid adieu until I have more clandestine time at the computer again. Until then….



  1. blueguju · July 10, 2012

    I saw Neal at Publix…let’s just say I didn’t even look at him when he tried talking to me. I paid for my shit and left. I hope you’re feeling better, and congrats on the raise!!

  2. tanyadiva · July 10, 2012

    Oh NO, girl. I just CAN’T with Neal. I’m full up on cray-cray, he can take it someplace else! What blog did you mean I should check out?

  3. The Sexy Knitter · July 17, 2012

    Yay, raise! And YAY for not working in a stinking shithole any more. You rock.

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