An open letter to Bill Murray

Dear Bill,
It is my understanding that you are couch surfing around the US for the summer. Why, I read it here!

Dude, I have put a sign out for you. Please don’t confuse it for a bank sign. Yes, I live over a BBT. It is my lot in life.

I will make you some tapas, or grill you a steak. I only have a Foreman, but it works, right? Why didn’t we invent that? I know!

I will also take us out drinking. I like tequila. You are on your own. Then we can do some karaoke. It said you enjoyed doing that. Now, I don’t live in the Hamptons, but if you really have to go to Palm Beach, we can.

I see you doing some Gordon Lightfoot, or maybe Josh Rouse’s 1972. Keep it a little offbeat, know what I’m saying?

I have been practicing this old saw in the car, and think I can make it sing. You can play air guitar.

Though you are no Knopfler.

Get back to me when you can. Or just drop in! Honey won’t mind. If he does, I have ways to take care of him, never fear.

Yours always and forever,


I love this fabulous bitch.

Yes, I said the B word. Deal.
I don’t care that she fell on her event final. I don’t care if she’s rich and privileged. This face – I swan, she’s like Baby Posh! Who says teenage girls can’t cry or make faces on the medal stand – I’d be pissed, too!

So if you guessed it’s all Olympics, all the time around here, you are right. Although I’ll be honest – it’s been mostly a weekend thing. I simply can’t stay up much past 9 p.m., and if that means I don’t get to see people run real fast and jump super high, oh well.

I will truly miss it this weekend. But I won’t miss the closing ceremonies for the world. Especially if Blur is there.
And speaking of Blur, here’s my Christmas present list.

That’ll do.

I have been going through some deep thoughts, etc. lately, but I will spare you. I need to lose weight by am having the damnedest time. I am dealing with massive foot pain that is leftover from my shit job days. And my sister is pregnant and that’s a whole saga I just can’t with right now. I mean, I simply CAN’T. Ask me about it some other time.

On the way back from the baby shower, here’s what I listened to on my iPod. I had forgotten how much I love this song.