You’re my obsession

I watched Elementary last night, even though I have little patience for shows that start at 10 p.m. I am a strictly in bed and reading by 9 p.m. girl these days. It wasn’t the greatest, though Johnny Lee Miller is and will always be, lovely eye candy. Yes, yes, BBC’s Sherlock is much better, but frankly, Benedict Cumberbatch freaks me out ever since Atonement. And to me, the best adaptation of Master Holmes in recent (or maybe not so recent) memory is The Zero Effect. Yo, seriously. It was “A Study in Scarlet,” I shit you not, I have watched that movie about a hundered times.

ANYWAY. I spout all this nonsense because I am freaking OBSESSED with the sweater Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson wore last night.

I am not fan of the Liu, but I have already started discussing this with a friend on the Facebook. I think the body is just garter or reverse stockinette, with a small dropped stitch panel at the neckline like in an old Rowan Denim People pattern. Done on bigger needles, of course. The sleeves looked to be reverse stockinette at first, but now I think I need to put them under the microscope a bit more.

I’m thinking war horse Cotton Ease in stone or a Tahki Stacy Charles tape yarn would work for this, if you’re feeling higher end. All I know is it’s in my future. I am OBSESSED.

Listening to the theme from Taxi and waiting for honey to bring me a mojo pork sandwich for eating during tonight’s Shark Tank. That’s all the TV talk for now. That’s how I roll.



  1. Gina · October 2, 2012

    I’m so woefully out of the Fall TV loop. I’ve only recently discovered Deadwood (on DVD @ the library), so you can see how behind I am.

    Of course, I’ll cop to these (very) guilty pleasures: Project Runway Season 10 and Gallery Girls. Ugh!

    • tanyadiva · October 4, 2012

      First of all Deadwood is ONE OF THE GREATEST FUCKING SHOWS EVER, and that’s what Jane would say.

      I wish I had never had to sell my DVDs of it when I was unemployed. I love Al, I had a crush on Dan (! I like ’em big and hairy!) and on and on. So keep on enjoying.

      I have heard all about the Gallery Girls, but have no cable now, so no more Bravo shows. I think this is for the best. In the early 90s, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, all my friends worked the galleries on Palm Beach. I’ve seen it firsthand. Oy vey.

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