What kind of bird are you?

It’s almost Oscar nomination day! I really don’t give as much of a shit as usual. Not a good year for movies, not really.




I don’t have either of these posters, because, duh, they’re “For you consideration” ones. I do have the small one sheet that looks like a terrarium. And yes, I’m framing it. So glad Uncle Wes got his mojo back.

No, the one nomination I am hoping for that probably won’t happen (but I will stand up and cheer if it does) is Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike. Yes, I was dragged to that one by a bunch of rabid she-wolves, but I thought it was the best thing Soderbergh has done in years (and now he wants to retire – boo fucking hoo). I love something that has comedic parts but is essentially still dramatic. He was one scary naugahyde couch in that movie.

And of course, my darling angel Ben Whishaw should be nominated for his perfection. Just in general.

What did YOU like last year?



  1. lumay · January 20, 2013

    I am so out of the movie loop that it’s shameful!

    • tanyadiva · January 20, 2013

      For me I just know about what’s out there. But I wait till it’s on Netflix streaming to watch.

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