The heart of Saturday night

Well, that was disappointing, wasn’t it? The Oscar nominations, I mean. Oh well, they always are. You STILL didn’t tell me what you liked last year! I am waiting. I care. Deeply. Yo, seriously. Throw me a bone.

Honey (that’s my husband) thinks Skyfall was his favorite movie of last year. And although Mama’s Precious Angel©ME! Ben Whishaw was in it, I still don’t really have a favorite. I think last year was just a bad one for me, pop culture-wise. You know, a lot of critics have said this and I agree: Premium Rush was a fun little genre movie. And frankly, I’d pay to see Michael Shannon hawk up a loogie, he amuses me so damn much. But it’s not like it makes me dance a jig, know what I’m saying?

The only race I am interested in (and I’m always interested in at least something) is the Best Costume race.You have the late Eiko Ishioka, who many remember from her winning costumes for Bram Stroker’s Dracula, but who I admire from her work with Tarsem.eiko

That little number is from The Fall, one of my favorite movies of the last few years, as you know. I will confess I have no intention of seeing Mirror, Mirror, but I will pour a 40 out for my Japanese homegirl. Here’s a little bit about why.

My favorite horse in the race is Jacqueline Durran. Here’s an excellent piece in The NY Times about her costumes from Anna Karenina. Which were honestly the only things I really loved about the movie.


Gurl, please. You know I bought the issue of Vogue that photo is from, and I ain’t never throwing it out. Those New Look inspired gowns are giving me life.

And then there’s Colleen Atwood, and no arguments she’s a gargantuan talent. The elements of death she put into everything Charlize Theron wore in Snow White and the Huntsman is beyond. But I can’t get BEYOND K. Stew. So I’ll pass. Here’s a great “sketch to screen article.

wddingI’ll have one of those, please.

And here’s a little something fun: Have you heard this song from the movie Chasing Ice? It’s nominated for best song, and is by one of my favorite singers. No really, I meant that.

It’s a little hard to listen to now, though. I will not lie, sometimes sadness washes over me so much I don’t think I can bear it.

I love ScarJo’s album she did with Pete Yorn, it is on constant repeat on my iPod. And just yesterday I went to my favorite record store (yes, they still exist!) and bought this on vinyl — I had planned to get it for myself for an X-mas gift, but things got in the way…


It’s strange, I can’t stand Tom Waits’ singing or acting, but as a songwriter, he 100% works for me. One of my OTHER favorite singers, Holly Cole, did an entire album of Waits’ songs herself, and I dig it hard. Fun fact: I got to meet Holly at a Lilith Fair, aka “Lesbianpalooza” (no disrespect, my Sapphic sisters, but it was what it was…) and had her autograph a….a romance novel. Because it was the only paper I had on me at the time. But it did make for one of my most unusual autographs. “Dear Tanya, I am happy to sign your cheap and tawdry romance novel.”

So anyway, there’s some music and some articles you might enjoy checking out on a Saturday night. When I am sitting home blogging and honey is watching football. And I don’t mind at all…



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