Time Passages

I called in sick to work today because I had a massive migraine. I still feel headachey 15 hours later, but I can’t sit around doing nothing much longer. It absolutely maddens men.

When I went to check Facebook last night (yes, I am still checking it) I saw that an old friend was moving away. Today. I had no idea. I haven’t seen her in about four years, and she’s much older than me, but still, it made me very sad. We used to go to romance writing conferences together, all over the country. We had some fun, that’s for sure. I always felt guilty because she was pushing me to try harder, or maybe just pushing me to write more the way she wanted me to. Either way, I never really lived up to her expectations, and for that I feel a little guilty.

But it could be a rainy day and I’d feel guilty for the clouds, you know? That’s just me.

Anyway, the last time I saw her was when I worked in the shithole (Barnes and Noble). About a year before that she had taken me out to lunch after I was laid off the yarn store gig. She also invited a friend of hers who is the aunt of an infamous entrepreneur….and eventual white collar prisoner. I’ll say no more, to protect the innocent. And guilty!

We’ve been friends on FB, but we really haven’t talked. She has a 90 (!) year old mother she takes care of and a lot of family on the west coast. I wish her well, but I’ll miss the fun we used to have. The gossiping and dish. She was a true Southerner from Atlanta, and as the saying from Steel Magnolias goes, “If you can’t say something nice, come sit next to me!”

She was that kind of friend. Which in my world, is a beautiful thing. I’ll miss you, Darlene.

On Saturday, honey and I went to the movies, to see Dave Grohl’s Sound City.

I’ve never been to Sound City (recording studio) but I have been to Ocean Way (in LA) and let me tell you, that was a gas. Ask me sometime about how I got a Grammy-winning songwriter’s (who’s worked with Adele) phone number, and how I stalked me favorite (at the time, and still kind of sort of) Scottish band. I have photos from the studio of me standing by their equipment like an absolute grinning asshole. All taken on a disposable camera. Remember those?

We liked Sound City, and it got us thinking about how we are such analog fans here at Chez Tangodiva. I listen to records. I prefer to read books. And I miss the days when we didn’t need cell phones. I can’t walk down the fucking street without someone playing with their phones every two paces. I’m sick of it! Don’t even get me started on how bad it is at work.

After the movie, we went to see my friend John at Confusion Records. I told him I wanted some 1970s Soul Train realness, and this is what I got:



Honey is a big Brothers Johnson fan. He’s all about “Strawberry Letter 23” which is NOT on this album.

B000002PET.01.LZZZZZZZI was feeling some Chaka, so I got this. I already have the album she did with a single co-sung by Green of Scritti Politti. Ah, those were the days….This one even had its promo poster still in the sleeve!

$(KGrHqMOKnIE5!D3Hz18BObYTIEmhg~~60_35I really need that framed for my living room.

In conclusion, I want to confess to the crime of driving in my car and using the cell phone at the same time. But not to talk. When I hear an old song I used to like come on and think I can maybe FINALLY get the lyrics I’ve been missing for 20-30 years straightened out, I put Sound Hound up to the speakers and go for it. Last week it was during Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone,” and this is what I felt the need to decipher last night.

I had no clue the brunette in the hat ended up on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. But you know me, the only Real Housewives I’ve ever watched is the Atlanta version. You best bring your street game!

And btw, it’s totally the song I would sing on ’80s’ night on American Idol. I would do Miss Tina Turner’s version. After all, we share the same initials….





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  1. Toni R. · March 7, 2013

    I started getting auras this afternoon and was bracing my self for a killer migraine. Nothing happened except that I couldn’t see for a couple of hours, so instead of knitting I watched blurry t.v. Good times. I go back and forth between books and our e-reader, I love my books but digital copies are sure handy for traveling and they take up no space. I’m also not sure if I will ever embrace the digital knitting pattern, I like marking up paper ones way too much. Will has made a point of putting his cell phone away most nights when he gets home from work a gesture that I really appreciate.

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