Could it be I’m falling in love?

Usually when someone like Whitney Houston dies everyone goes all apeshit, but for me, this one is sad.

Bobbie Smith passes.

I have desperately been trying to find some Spinners vinyl, but no luck. My friend Joel and I used to sing “Games People Play” to each other on our smoke breaks at the paper. I think I’ll forward this to him, he will understand.

If you don’t like that song, you are dead inside.

What the hell, let’s do one more!

You all know I start my day with a big dose of Soul Train reruns. The Spinners remind me of my childhood. That music is so majestic. I think it’s the icy strings. Ah, the ’70s. I really DO miss you.

I am thankful I have a place to blather on about this, because I sure can’t do it at WORK. I will save that story for another day. I long to work at a place where I actually enjoy being around the people I work with.

Which is why I should work….for myself!

Last weekend was the figure skating world championships, and if you didn’t see it that’s because NO ONE CARES anymore. The ISU has killed my sport, given it a jacked up scoring system and now no one gives a flip. So, you watch it on YouTube or Latvian internet feeds and just thank the skating gods you got even a crumb of coverage.

Here’s one of my favorite routines for the weekend – the bronze medal winning free dance of Bobrova and Soloviev.

Much like one of Stefon’s nightclubs, it has everything: Flowing blonde hair, a black dress, red lipstick, a man in a white T-shirt and a hobo-esque grey cabled sweater, weird music changes from an Ennio Morricone harmonica tune to Disco Tosca!, robot dancing and a story line about insanity.



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