Rip her to shreds.

Today on Dental Radio at Work, Christopher Cross came on, as he is wont to. And when he sang about riding like the wind, he sang about how he  was born the son of a lawless man
and always spoke his mind with a gun in his hand, I had to say (mentally, of course) “Really? Because it says on Wikipedia you were an army brat.”

Whenever I hear Christopher Cross, I think of Michael McDonald. And then I think of THIS:

And now you know what I do at work most of the day. When I’m not working. I look things up on an online encyclopedia maintained by drunken college students.

So, things are just fun as ever with Tweedledum and Tweedledummer, and one of them is trying to get on famous reality show (no names, please) and has already declared she is “Not going to be there to make friends!” So I predict when and if she does get on, she’ll be kicked off in a week. But it’s time I don’t have to deal with her, so yay!

Every day is like a moodswing roller coaster, and both of them are medicated, so lots of sexy fun times pour moi. All I do is fantasize about going to England for Christmas, and make packing lists.

(Shhhhh….secretly I am saving money but not telling honey).

Well, this was just a pop in, I am feeling restless tonight, so here’s a photo I made of myself with the FX Camera:


And here is a photo of Keira Knightley’s wedding gown (huh?) because I really like Keira and of course wish I was as skinny, and also because she married a member of The Klaxons, and I fucking LOVE The Klaxons, and also because it is so simple and she recycled the dress, in as much as one CAN recycle a Chanel from Unkle Karl.

USA-AUS ONLY Keira Knightley and James Righton arriving at the Mazan TownAnd here’s a song about how I feel regarding my co-workers:

Bye bye sugar. And not a minute too soon.


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