Hola! No one comes here anyway, so hola to the three views I get on this blog on a good day. Remember, I want it that way.

In “what has been going on in your world” news, the answer is not much. Except that we hired a new researcher for about three weeks until she stopped coming in/got fired/whatever.

I called her Stripper Vocal Fry. Because I found both her mug shot and Cheetah Club stripper shot online, and because she had a very distinct speech problem.

I wanted to put up a video of vocal fry, but why subject you to that? Here’s a report they just did on Sunday Morning, last…Sunday morning. You’ll get it.

I find it funny that while we research people all day on the Internet, and this child was SUPPOSED to go through a background check, no one seemed to care about her six underage arrests for drugs and alcohol. No? Anyone? Anyone? Okay then. She was a sweet, if stupid young thing, who will probably end up richer than I’ll ever be. Favorite saying from her? “My boyfriend’s really cool because he doesn’t yell at me.”

Aim high, sweetie. Aim high.

I am in the frantic getting ready stages for Stitch Rock, and shhhh, but you know it’s probably my last. More on that in a later post. Other than that, I just keep on trucking, trying to exercise and eat right, but losing nary a pound. It is frustrating, but I soldier on.

Today two albums I preordered come out. I am so excited I could pee myself. Here are two videos. Will I be listening to The Arctic Monkeys when I’m 80?


WARNING: If you don’t like vaguely 1970s animation or stories of transgendered children, you might want to look away.


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  1. lumay · September 16, 2013

    My employer is the exact opposite with background checks — overly cautious. We had selected a candidate from another a sister company, but the person didn’t pass the background check — or the drug test. Weird because they’d been hired by essentially the same organization a few years ago…

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