Work, Bitch.

Well, chickens, you probably read my FB feed and know it’s happened again. I got laid off yesterday!!!

Please don’t feel sad for me. These last six years have been so difficult, in so many ways. They’ve made me stronger, it’s true. They’ve also made me more neurotic.

My goal is simple right now. To get through this weekend. Stitch Rock is tomorrow!

1382198_10151918502639700_1751587187_nNow more than ever is  a day I’d like to SELL SELL SELL.  Pray for good vibes and shoppers who want to SPEND SPEND SPEND.

I have a few other goals for tomorrow as well. There is a woman coming who is opening a new shop in the location of…..the former yarn barn where I worked. Yes, in case you didn’t know, that circus done left town. Tents packed up, and elephants (and their poop, which I used to have to scoop, metaphorically, of course) in the train cars. Gone daddy gone.

And so, this woman is opening a shop to feature local artisans and sell their stuff on consignment. She’s also going to have classes for knitting, sewing, etc. I hope to introduce myself to her tomorrow, perhaps interest her in my wares, and see if I could possibly get a part time instructor gig. Wish me luck, won’t you?

I’ll be updating my LinkedIn profile and my resume. And I’m having drinks with another friend who also is sans job. Let me tell you a weird story. A year and a half ago when I was seriously looking to leave BN, I had interviews at two places. The first was the job I took, and the second was a real estate firm who wanted a social media person. I know I would have made more at the real estate firm, but it was a longer commute and my heart wasn’t in it. So I took the researching position. Well, my friend also interviewed for the real estate job, and she took it. And she was laid off recently, too. So you see, don’t always question the road not travelled. You might have been hit by a truck anyway!

I feel no animosity towards this company. But for such a small business, there was very little feeling of community. I would tell my co-worker, as we sat in our little dungeon, that I felt like Milton in Office Space. We were going to to end up alone with a Swingline as the building burned around us. And make no mistake, it’s a downward spiral. I don’t think they will last past the new year. I should have been more prudent, and kept saving my money. Oops, those Catherine Malandrino clothes I bought at Kohl’s are going back. Well, not the pants. They will be good for interviews.

I am not the only person laid off. And honestly, I feel for many of the others. The sixtysomething Jamaican lady who had been there 20 years, but had been overtaken by one of the manager’s girlfriends. Sigh. And my co-worker, who has two children and is the breadwinner of her family. Things are bad for me, yes. But I feel stronger today than I did six years ago when this happened. This was not personal. And my immediate supervisor is a good woman who will stay in touch and provide me with the reference I need. I spoke to her last night and she told me I was a rare employee these days. “You don’t bring your personal drama to work, Tanya. I would never know if you had a problem at home. I never had to worry about you. You are always on time, and take on more tasks without being asked.”

It was nice to hear it. It would be nicer to have a steady paycheck, but still….You all know how unhappy I was. It’s time to make some big decisions. Keep me in your thoughts, and know that I am trying to find my way. I think the saddest thing was while we two were escorted out of the building, no one said goodbye. To either of us.

I hate being assaulted by positivity, but I found this from one of my friends on Pinterest.

cc1e7ab2259c653ea8bc8370b105f2fcI’ll post a Stitch Rock update later.

Oh and BTW: I did buy the Britney single. I really need a laugh when I’m on the elliptical. This will do it!



  1. Gina · October 4, 2013

    I hope the layoff is a blessing in disguise.

    • tanyadiva · October 4, 2013

      you and me both, sister.

  2. Baddest Mother Ever · October 4, 2013

    did you accidentally download “Work? Bitch, please!”

    • tanyadiva · October 4, 2013

      Oh no. I downloaded it ON PURPOSE. Because it cracks me up.

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