Time and Tide

Is one of my favorite albums. Yes, I said album. Do you know it? Have you ever listened to it? I started loving Split Enz during my freshman year of high school. And that love affair carried through with every permutation of band that Neil Finn was involved in since. I’m not afraid to say it. To cop to it. I’ve seen Neil in concert both as a member of Crowded House and solo several times. For repeat concerts, he’s only after Petty, and it will take a lot to top that record. But every time I saw Neil, I was front row, so there was that.

Forgive my stream of consciousness. Or don’t. That’s how I’m rolling this week. Anyway, I have XM satellite radio in my car (a useless expense I ponied up for for six months prior to my lay off) and I had it on First Wave when they played “Six Months in a Leaky Boat,” and I know EVERY WORD, but my husband had no idea what I was singing to, so of course I had to shame him with his lack of musical knowledge, even though he’s interviewed more musicians that I ever will, and he just has some gaps in his schooling. In fact, we were just discussing his talk with John Leguizamo the other night, even though I know John is not a musician. He’s Benny Blanco from the Bronx!

My husband still hasn’t seen Carlito’s Way. Gaps. He has these gaps.

So I told him that Time and Tide was one of my favorite albums, and it’s a concept album about the discovery of New Zealand, and living a good life, the best you can. At least that’s what I think. In conclusion: Time and Tide is a good record, and you should listen to it on the Spotify or the rdio.com or whatevs. As the kids say.

time-and-tide-504c6fe765f49I have been driving around a lot the last few days; running errands, and running away from trying to find a new job. Which is hard, for me. I admit it. I did rework my resume, but I’m not wild about it. I want to find a career, something I WANT to do, and not take the first crap job out of desperation, like I have for the last three years. So, I drive around.

The radio is always on, and I toggle between the Alt Music channel, XMU (for all the college kidz!), the 70s’ station and of course, First Wave. I actually heard a disco song by France Joli (please, if you don’t remember her, you are not alone!), who I once saw at a gay club in Ft. Lauderdale that is long closed. What a night. I was sharing fashion tips with a drag queen in the bathroom by the end of the evening, while gay porn played on tvs around the bar. Mama always said, “Live and interesting life. ” Actually, she never said that and is very religious, so I just lied. See how music can take you back?

They play a lot of Talking Heads and Echo and the Bunnymen on First Wave. Which reminds me that I had posters of David Byrne and Echo and the Bunnymen in my high school locker.

You can imagine how popular I was!

I have watched a lot of movies in the last week. More than in months, I’d wager! I took mom to see Gravity on Friday. I love a 90-minute movie that moves quickly, but I must say 3D is not for me. I am already wearing one pair of glasses, two feels like a mongoose  is sitting on my face. Not my favorite Alfonso Cuaron movie, either, way behind three others with, of course, Y Tu Mama Tambien at the top.

Honey and I caught up on Oscar watching from a few years back with library rentals of Moneyball and Flight. I find it sad that I live in a world where Jonah Hill is an Oscar nominee. There. I said it. Flight was okay, but spending more than two hours with an alcoholic is something I thought I’d put behind me, even though I applaud Denzel for getting very puffy for the role.  Also, please directors, don’t use “Sweet Jane” for heroin shoot-up scenes. Haven’t we moved beyond that? Aren’t musical cliches bad?

I got more DVDs today, and sat here and finished a hat whilst watching This is 40. Which should be subtitled “Rich White People’s Problems,” but sadly my husband and I are so much like the aging hipster main couple that I couldn’t help but hide my head in shame a few times. Except we don’t have the ginormous house, small businesses, catered parties, rock star friends and, um, children.

I think that’s it for now. I feel better, and maybe I can actually write a cover letter now that I am warmed up. Something’s got to give, right?

PS: The other movie I got at the library is Take Shelter. Don’t tell honey. I want to be alone while I get my creepy Michael Shannon fix on.



  1. lumay · October 20, 2013

    I think Killing Moon is my favorite Echo & the Bunnymen song. I love the haunting ache of it.

    • tanyadiva · October 20, 2013

      Great minds think alike!!

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