Grimly Fiendish

My vintage collection of the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. My dad gave them to me and I can't bear to part with them - plus they are falling apart!

My vintage collection of the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. My dad gave them to me and I can’t bear to part with them – plus they are falling apart!



I confess, I am not much of a Halloween person. Oh, I used to dress up as a kid, and even when I was in college. I went as Stevie Nicks for two years, (one year I was thin Stevie, and one year I was fat Tango in the Night Stevie. It happens). I also went as the St. Pauli Girl, but my roommate insisted I was “Brandy,” aka that 1970s Looking Glass song that I shamefully cop to being enamored of. But damn, those guys were fugly. I won’t burn your retinas with a video. Some things are better left only listened to.

Then in the 1990s I was a combination of Slash/Mark Bolan one  year, complete with top hat AND guitar. But by the end of the night I looked like a drowned rat. Just remember: the hair that got you to the party may not be the hair you leave with.  My final dress up was as the Angel of Death, complete with huge black wings that looked real and were from an old showgirl’s costume. I would have rather looked like the Frances Conroy version from last season’s American Horror Story (even though I don’t watch, I still read about it), but instead I looked like a Victorian child prostitute on human growth hormone. These things happen.

So I am not a Halloween person, not really. I don’t watch scary movies unless you consider Spice World scary, and yes, I guess it was. PS, Posh and Becks might be moving down here, and I am beyond chuffed. But I digress.

No, with the exception of that one time when I was babysitting in the 1980s and I let the under-twelves watch Poltergeist on Betamax, which  scared me more than them, I have eschewed the entire genre. Oh, I don’t include my British pecadillos, like The Blood on Satan’s Claw, or The Wicker Man (OG version) or Pete Walker’s entire oeuvre (now I’m just getting obscure).

Even though I was a goth girl through and through, I was goth lite. So I leave you with this video from one of my favorite all-time bands, who I saw at the Cameo Theatre in Miami back when you were taking your life into your own hands if you went down there. Pre-South Beach, don’t you know.

And I even heard it on the radio today! Dave Vanian, you have always had my heart. Happy Halloween.


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  1. lumay · November 1, 2013

    I love Halloween, but I haven’t one friend with the good sense to throw a costume party. I once went as a battered child — so inappropriate — but I was an inappropriate college twat.

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