A five pound box of money

It’s true, you have never seen this girl blog so much in such a short time, but that’s what utter boredom will do to a person.

I write this now, sitting in a shed-like room on the campgrounds where I’m “working.” This is my third, and hopefully last Saturday. I come in this room and sit by myself with NOTHING TO DO,while in the room next door, what sounds like contact bingo is happening.

I am working for a 26-year-old idiot I refer to as a retarded Seth Rogen. If you ask me how many rabbis it takes to change a light bulb, I would tell you probably more than seven, because I have been in a room the size of my bedroom with that many and they can’t manage much, unless annoying me counts.

I’m making this brief so we can all laugh at this, and I can tell you I have a job interview on Monday. I think it will be better than the one with the crazy dog lady. It is at a professional building and it’s doing what I’ve done before: research. If the owner isn’t a douche, and I get paid more than I have been (and we’ve already had a phone interview and I think I will), it could be a go.

Either way I’m blowing this popsicle stand. I already told you there’s been a scabies outbreak, and the only girls’ bathroom I get to use hasn’t been cleaned in almost two weeks. My worry is they’d hold to the six weeks notice part of my contract, but I see signs that it probably won’t be the case, plus if I get mental and call this guy a fucking moron (which he is) I think he’ll want me gone.

In conclusion, I am putting up a photo that we took during our modelling shoot for Dreads and Curls items on Etsy. Sadly, I didn’t set the world on fire with my sales like I did last year, but for some reason, this hat is flying off the shelves. Is it the model we used? I don’t know. You’ll have to judge his Blue Steel  for yourselves.

il_570xN.527735626_5yy9And finally, my new favorite Christmas song. Sing it, Pearl!


One comment

  1. lumay · December 22, 2013

    I have to share your letter (retarded Seth Rogan) with John. He’ll appreciate the scaithing commenary! I hope your day picked up. Monday is right around the corner!

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