It’s going to be an interesting New Year’s Eve….I pulled my back out yesterday, and am in such pain and walking around with an ice pack in my pants and laws, I just can’t with this! It’s funny, I always seem to pull my back out on New Years. Many moons ago in my party days, I went to a gay disco with my friend (who was gay and on the prowl for men) and I ended up laying on a banquette with a waiter trying to help me stand up at 4 a.m. because I was unable to do so on my own. Due to the back pain, not drinking! Needless to say, my friend had abandoned me for….another man.

But that was then and this is now, and I will be with honey and Mom. So if I fall, I should be offered some help getting up.

I’m not going to write a super-huge “Best Of” lists posts, because I didn’t see enough movies this year to qualify for THAT category. I did watch a shit ton of documentaries, which has been my trend a few years now. I encourage you to look at this short list for the Best Documentary Oscar category. I have seen almost all of them, and highly recommend Cutie and the Boxer – it has stayed with me. Noriko is my hero, and the scene of her walking alone in High Line park resonates.

And you already know how I feel about Frances Ha….There are a few movies we have to see this week when we finally get time together, but I doubt they will supplant how I feel about these two. They were my favorites of the year.

There were no books I read this year that set my world on fire; but I did surpass my Good Reads goal of 30 and made it to 37. My goal next year is 52. Seriously. I am struggling to get into the grove since my eyes are bad and it’s hard to read paper books anymore – print too small! But thanks to a Kindle AND a Nook (I know, it’s pathetic) and a library AND a backlog of books to read, I know I can do it.

I would say the best two books I read this year were Code Name Verity (fiction) and Over Dressed (non-fiction).


The rest was my usual odd mishmash of YA, nonfiction, celeb bios and erotica. But take me out and spank me hard before I ever read 50 Shades of Shitty Writing.

TV was NOT the thing this year; sadly, I just use TV to keep me company when I’m knitting. But when I’m home alone for long stretches, which happened during my lay off and this past week while honey has been working overtime, I keep it off or watch Netflix. Parks and Rec is my favorite show but it’s been put on hiatus. And I DID enjoy Orange is the New Black, which I gobbled up in one weekend, much like honey did House of Cards. But I hate Spacey, so not so much for me. My motto for the new year?


Tell ’em, Laverne.

So that leaves me with music. I bought a lot of music this year! Honey is surprised how much. He used to be a music writer and he’s fallen off dramatically. But I remain curious and hungry for new as well as old; I never want to get too caught up on nostalgia that I ossify. I will always remember an interview with Keith Richards, who I am NOT basing my life philosophy on, bless his heart, but he said there was a part of him that was still 15 years old, and he wanted to nurture that forever. I can get behind that.

And though I bought a lot of music by womyn, there was no “chick rock” on my list, or Perry or Gaga or Miley or other such nonsense. I will also always remember my oh-so-dearly departed former office mate from this year and her absolutely abysmal taste in music, which she referred to as “eclectic.” Just because there are a lot of genres represented, doesn’t mean it isn’t crap.

So, enjoy some videos and I will see you NEXT YEAR. Or Next Tuesday. I actually wrote that in an e-mail to retarded Seth Rogen. “See you next Tuesday.” I don’t think he got it…..

1) Little Boots – Nocturnes

2) Goldfrapp – Tales of Us

3) Jessie Ware – Devotion

4) The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law

5) Sarah Jarosz – Build Me Up From Bones

6) Sarah Brightman – Dreamchaser (yes, I love this crazy bitch!)

7) Lone Bellow (going to see them live in three weeks!)

8) Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

9) Arctic Monkeys – AM

10)  Ben Rector (FACT: I pinned a photo of Ben on Pinterest, and have almost 200 repins. I mean, he’s cute but really? Either way, this is my favorite song of the year. He is giving me Jackson Browne Realness in these lyrics).


One comment

  1. lumay · January 6, 2014

    Who cares if retarded Seth Rogan understood your popular culture reference? Perhaps, it is all the better that he didn’t.

    That line ranks up there with “a di@k the size of a golf pencil.”

    Happy 2014, honey! I hope your back is better, and I hope your first day at the new job doesn’t have you in fits.

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