Something blue

Happy New Year. I was so excited for 2015 because I really wanted to make some big changes in my life and move forward, and while that hasn’t altered, sometimes you get a little setback along the way.

I’m not going to talk about that now. There will be another post to come on what we are currently going through here at Chez Tanya and Honey, but it involves my little one, Ringo, my kitty, my baby.

Until then, I wanted to finally share my Knitscene Spring 2015 pattern. The issue is in the mail and stores now, and online for digital purchase. I myself went to a Barnes and Noble yesterday (not the one I worked at) to get a copy for my mom. I actually bought it in the café, along with some cookie dough cheesecake of shame (It’s been a week. A bad, bad week). After I finished eating, I went up to the barista and asked, “Does Holly work here?” Holly was the manager at my BN that finally made me so mad I got out while the getting was good. I had heard a rumor that she had transferred to this particular store. “Yes, he said,” “Because I hate her, ” I said. We smiled at each other and I left. Mature? NO. Satisfying? YES.

So, my pattern. The Ashlee Tee. One thing I knew from having my work published in a couple of books was that the powers-that-be rarely let you keep the name. Only one place, Unique Sheep, has let me. So, this was originally called The Inlet Coverup. I think they gave names of pop stars for my “section” on big cables, like Katy and Colbie. I pray my pattern is not named after jig-dancing Ashlee Simpson, but one never knows. Please Knitscene editors: Love me. Because I love you! Seriously, I really do. This entire process was a joy from start to finish, except the parts where I was on the carpet crying because I’d had to frog something. Knitters know: this happens.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

The Jupiter Inlet (with our Jupiter Lighthouse in the background) was my jumping off point for this pattern. I wanted to capture the color of Jupiter’s waters, a place I played as a child. I pictured someone  in wearing a loose, big gauge knit coverup over their bikini.


Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

The first thing I’d say is I love the styling story. This was clearly photographed in a  pinball arcade, and I approve! I grew up in video game/pinball arcades. No one could tilt the machines like me!



Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

The theme was big cables, and I love a big cable. HOWEVER: I originally intended to do a drunken cable, but Miss Left-Handed Backwards Knitter came up with something ele. I still love the look, though. The band is sewn on as an afterthought: I did this on purpose, because it gives the top more of a blouson effect. And yes, this is seamed, not in-the-round. As a knitter with a big bust, I feel that seams give me more garment stability. Could you convert this to in-the-round? Yes, but that was not my preference or intention. To each his own, though!


Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

Can I just saw the models are gorgeous? They always are, but this lady is everything. She is giving us Diana Prince realness and I am HERE for it!


Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

The back is the same as the front: You get a nice, loose U-neck with my design, which is what I was going for. To finish I did a bit of slip stitch crochet around the armholes and neckline. The yarn is Berroco Maya, and I stand by my love of the brand. In my years working in the yarn biz, they were always a dream to deal with on the phone, and their rep was a sweetheart as well. I like a good, mid-priced yarn that you won’t go broke using, but that continually comes up with new ideas every year to stay fashionable, with current color palettes.

I hope folks like this. I’ve already had 43 likes on Ravelry, and that makes me very happy. I wish I had been able to enjoy this accomplishment a little more, but coupled with working overtime this week and Ringo’s health, it’s been difficult. But to have my mother, husband and friends share their pride in me, well, that has been priceless. Thank you.





  1. CGajjar · January 18, 2015

    I love your work but I honestly liked this post because of your comment about Holly. 🙂

  2. tanyadiva · January 18, 2015

    Girl, you know me, so you KNOW I said it!!!!

  3. Toni · January 23, 2015

    I am learning to love seaming. Congratulations on your sweater and especially all the likes on Ravelry. I’ve been thinking good thoughts for Ringo. Hugs.

  4. Gina · January 25, 2015

    I know this is good news in the midst of bad and not-so-good news. However, do allow yourself to savour this. The pattern is lovely! You are lovely!

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