Random thoughts

Random thoughts:

1) I really hate it when people give you a condescending compliment, don’t you? Yesterday I was sitting with another woman who has gone gray like me, and a co-worker said, “Oh look, it’s the two natural haired ladies. You know, they say gray hair is “in” now!”

Well, hunty, it’s more “in” that that brassy dye job you’ve been sporting for 30 years, just sayin’.

2) Ringo had a bad morning today. Just earth-rattling coughs that will wake you out of a sound sleep. But then, he carries on like nothing’s wrong. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer four months ago, I thought we had weeks left, and it’s been four months. But in the back of my mind, I’ve always felt he’s just been holding on until April 18th.

The day we’ve been waiting for.

3) My mother is getting married in a month. My 75-year-old mother is marrying her 88-year-old boyfriend. Ask me how I feel about this. Okay, don’t. It’s best if you don’t. The heart wants what it wants, right?

4) I will hopefully interview for a full-time job next week. I don’t assume I’m a slam-dunk by any means. It’s been a rough week; honey and I are under so much pressure we’ve had stomach problems, he’s been working 14-hour days, and he’s leaving for Chicago this weekend while of course, I can’t go because NO VACATION TIME. And there have been tears on my end, I’m not going to lie. But I have come to the realization if I don’t do what I want, and ask for what I want, I’ll never get it. So at least I’ve had that breakthrough? Ask me again next week.

5) I watched 20 hours of on-demand this past weekend because we had an Xfinity Watchathon. So, 10 hours of Outlander and seven of The Knick (which we had started a year ago). It was so lovely to see:

a) A primitive appendectomy (which I’ve had)

b) A primitive hear cauterization by wire (which I’ve had)

c) A primitive splenectomy (which my husband’s had)

All in glorious, gory 1910 color. Also, lots of ROBOT BABIES and women getting their teeth ripped out by quacks because, you know, women!

Let’s end with this: I had not seen this performance from the 2015 World Figure Skating Championships until a former ice dancer turned me on to it. The number three Canadian team, giving you Say Anything feels. Enjoy! (someone clearly had good seats and filmed it on their phone, and yet it’s better than most of the pro videos out there!)



One comment

  1. Gina · May 1, 2015

    I’ve long wished I could ice skate. And I don’t mean just shakily mincing across the ice. I mean full-on fluid, beautiful realness.

    Let me know about the job situation via email.

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