Summer Fever

I haven’t posted in a month but I’ve been busy. I got the job I applied for at the paper, but I’ve only been at it a week and a half, give or take. I won’t get my first bigger paycheck until this week (Friday), although it may not be complete if they didn’t start me until June 1. We’ll see, I guess the next mid-month check will tell the tale.

And I’m looking forward to the money, and the vacation time that I’ll accrue, and a bit more job security, although does anyone really have job security these days? I’m happy to be away from Negative Nancy, whose real name was actually Debbie Downer. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

My mother did indeed get married, and I wish her all the best. She is on a trip with the new groom to Chicago now, and I haven’t even been there so good on her.

About a month ago, when I still didn’t know if I had the job in the bag or not, I finally decided to stop moping and do what I wanted to do. How great would it have been if I had done that back in September, but better late than never, right? So, I started walking at the park almost every day.

I bought a Fitbit in February, and was doing good until the flu sidelined me. But I decided if I was going to buy the damned thing I was going to USE it. And so, I have. I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day, and 30 minutes of activity a day. I’m proud to say I hit that goal five out of seven days each week.

Have I lost weight? NO. And it’s tough but I’m going to have to release that desire and just try to be healthier and happier. Walking for between a half hour to an hour a day after work is doing that for me. Being in nature, even though if you had told me I would look forward to this six months ago I would have laughed at you. HARD. Every morning when I get up, I can’t wait for the workday to end so I can go home, feed the cat, change and head to the park.

I have two I go to. If one is overcrowded, I got to the other, secret park, unless I see someone skulking around in a van (which has happened). Stay away from me, G. Gordon Liddy!

Even though it’s Florida, and even though it’s June, I have managed to stay comfortable. And I’m never without my iPhone and headphones. I listen to Amazon Prime, or Pandora, or Hoopla Digital – the library’s free lending program. I tend to listen to the absolute disco-ey of the disco tunes. Van McCoy. K-C and the Sunshine Band. Earth, Wind and Fire. And especially Donna Summer deep cuts, anything from Four Seasons of Love, a disco concept album. It’s not just for prog anymore!

I was listening to Out Q radio on Sirius this week, as I do EVERY day (you don’t have to be gay, but it helps if you’re a drag queen, like me), and Larry Flick was playing his Friday night disco extravaganza. Listen, when you start it with a Sylvester obscure album cut, and follow it with Loleatta Holloway, I’m IN. But then he played “Lucky” from Bad Girls, which is an icy, pre-techno workout that tickles my sweet spot. Larry then said what I’ve always thought: Even though Donna can BELT, it’s her high, piercing head voice that really commands attention. I think it will be a long time before we find a vocalist who’s so fluid again. And there I go, getting nerdy with the music talk.

I’ve also been listening to Dawes’ All Your Favorite Bands for the Laurel Canyon, Jackson Browne-type feels, which I got for free on Amazon Prime, and Brandon Flowers’ The Desired Effect, which is 80s’ Simple Minds-style pomp at its finest.

I’m re-reading Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, to celebrate the start of summer. I haven’t read it since fifth grade, so I figured it was time to revisit Green Town. This cover image from about 20 years ago, by Thomas Canty, is one of my favorite pictures – I used to want to get a print of it, but I have so much art I haven’t even framed yet, it seems wasteful.


And now I must run, because it’s almost time for the Tonys! I have to fight honey who wants to watch Game of Thrones, but really, we can do that anytime with On Demand. I only get to see what happens when someone loses best actress in a musical once! And also, there’s Ken Watanabe in The King and I. One of Mama’s Precious Angels! Shall we dance? Indeed!

What are YOU doing this summer? Whatever it is, I hope it brings you the little piece of joy my daily walks, my books and my still-here kitty Ringo bring me.



  1. Gina · June 8, 2015

    I’ve never read Dandelion Wine. I think it would make a good book on CD for the workday commute!

    • tanyadiva · June 26, 2015

      I agree!

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