Compared to What

It’s been two months…..

I will be honest, blogging may be something I eventually give up. I was doing good at a one post a month clip, but the summer, as usual, got away from me. When you turn 48 (gasp), which I did two weeks ago, it matters.

I have spent the summer acclimating myself to a new job. I like my job, and enjoy my co-workers. On Friday, I sat at a table with them during lunch and felt included and happy for the first time in a long time – in a workplace setting, that is. But unfortunately, the day before we had all been informed layoffs were imminent.

On Friday, some people got notices. They were long timers, and over 50 years of age in many cases. But I don’t feel safe, not under any circumstance.

One thing the last eight years in the job market (and out of it, for that matter) have taught me is how to be fluid. How to move from one thing to the next, and never count on it lasting. When I took a job at the paper last year, a place I left eight years ago, I said I would keep it for one year at the part-time schedule I was on unless I went full time. Well, I’m full time now. If I can survive ┬áthis round of layoffs, I hope to stay one more year. And then, I can take what I’ve learned and move on if I have to.

One thing I have done this year is start exercising. I hate to exercise, and yet I’ve now become a gym rat at Crunch. Why a gym? Because this is what happened during my walking routine.


Poison Ivy? Well, I thought so. But now, I’m not so sure. I fear it could be a rash brought on by my blood pressure meds. Either way, I couldn’t walk in the summer of Florida. I was getting sick to my stomach from the heat.

The good news? I’m trying to walk at least two miles a day. And I am using the personal trainer for 24 sessions to get some weight work in. It was expensive, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it. Of course now that my job isn’t as secure as I thought it was….oh, balls. I’m all paid up, so I’ll finish the program.

The sad news is I’m not losing any weight. I’m gaining. And before you give me that “muscle weighs more than fat” trope, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. Again, I’m concerned my blood pressure meds are doing a number on me. So, off to the doctor this week to see.

I have a four-day weekend coming up, and am taking two more before the end of the year. I will have worked more than a year now with no vacation days at all. I’m so fucking tired, I can’t. I can’t even. No, I can’t.

The other two four-day weekends will be working ones – I’m doing the ninth iteration of Stitch Rock, and also Atomic Holiday Bazaar in Sarasota. My goal is to sell as much of my stock as possible, because with the exception of a desire to do Stitch Rock next year (tenth-anniversary and all that), I’m pretty done. I’ll be closing my Etsy shop at the end of the year, because it’s just not worth it anymore, and I have a real problem with how they do business. I have never been able to make the sales that some knitters do, and that’s mainly because I don’t make big, ugly crap on size 15 needles using yarn from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Yeah, I said it. Ladies, you can call your yarn “vegan” all you want, it’s still fugly acrylic. And knitting garter on size 15 needles isn’t exactly growing the craft, now what I’m sayin’?

I’m going to close now. After months of reading nothing but duds, I am finally reading a book I ENJOY. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Yes, it took me long enough, I know. I enjoy reading about what went on before the hipsters took over Williamsburg!

We have gone to a few movies this summer – I loved Man from U.NC.L.E mainly for the clothes and locations and soundtrack. I liked Inside Out, but it didn’t make me misty like they said it would. And that short with the singing volcanoes was pretty weak. Ant-Man was surprisingly fun. Oh laws, Paul Rudd, you don’t age, bitch.

I’ll leave you with something great. One of the nice surprises in U.N.C.L.E was the opening titles, with Roberta Flack’s version of this Les McCann tune. Enjoy.