That voodoo that you do

Still trying to find time to make time to do the things I long to do. Still trying to find a way to rectify working at a job I hate with making the money I need to survive.

Still trying to find things that inspire me. That part’s easy.

1981 horror movie Possession haunts my dreams.

Here’s the batshit crazy trailer. It’s got nothing on the whole shmegilla, though!

A woman no man could possess indeed! Damn, this thing is my latest obsession. I think it’s the use of the color blue (and red).

But wait! If that wasn’t enough, there’s more!

Massive Attack has put out new music that doesn’t suck! It’s been a long time since Mezzanine, kids. And the video for Voodoo in the Blood is a direct take on the subway scene from Possession, but this time with a blonde. Take a bow, Rosamund Pike.

So the next time I’m at work, looking really preoccupied, I’ll be secretly dreaming of tentacle sex and orbs that mindfuck people.

Now you know!




  1. lumay · May 17, 2016

    Rosamund Pike is divine. I have to track down a copy of Possession!

  2. lumay · May 19, 2016

    We watched Possession. Bonkers!

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