Memories of us…

Honey has been out of town on a business trip. And last week, he made a long awaited trip to visit his mom and dad. We are happy to report his mother is finally out of the hospital after a monthlong stay.

We get a little lonely up in here, in our version of the Eyrie (we’re on the top floor), though thankfully I am no Lyssa Arryn, and can assure you I don’t breastfeed the cat.


One thing I am thankful for this summer has been the time spent with this guy. He is 14 now. I can’t believe it! I had him two years before I met and fell in love with honey. I don’t know how much longer we have together, and he’s slowing down a little bit. Although he still wants to eat everything in sight. But my time with him this summer has been precious, and I’ll take all the scrimping and saving and not having enough for that.


This is him when he wants what I am eating. A buttered bagel. A bowl of cereal with almond milk. A turkey sandwich. Doesn’t matter. He wants it.

I am also grateful to be vending at Stitch Rock again. Once I saw the artwork by Danny Brito, I knew I had to.

994456_818260804873680_945334871735075166_nAlthough my hair isn’t blue and pink (yet), nor do I have quite that many tattoos (okay, I only have two!), I love that she is knitting. And since I’m the only knitter there, I think it fits. There are other vendors who crochet, but not many knitters through the years. Which is one of the main reasons I did it to start with. I am experimenting with some men’s things this go-round, including skinny ties and hats.

This is the soundtrack to our summer, though we are listening to Bach now.


Oh, we listen to lots of stuff. I’ve had Bryan Ferry’s “The Bride Stripped Bare” on repeat this week. But I listen to the soundtrack to Elvira Madigan so much because it CALMS ME THE FUCK DOWN. And I need it. Love the movie too, even though it is one of my depressing Danish (Danish! Why must they all be Danish?!) flicks that honey won’t watch with me.

POP QUIZ: After honey left, do you think I queued up a French flick on Hulu? If you answered yes, you can collect $200 and pass GO.


Right now, in addition to Stitch Rock articles, I am working on this, a Norah Gaughan pattern called Blish. I am doing it in Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool, which, with coupons, I got for under $20. It is for a friend from college who lives in the paradise known as Boone, N.C. It’s cold right now, for crying out loud! I am so jealous. I ran errands today in 100 degree heat indexed Florida sun. Thank God I wear sunscreen.

If you’re wondering  if I got my pattern in, the answer is YES. I am even receiving e-mails from the tech editor now. I pray none of them are accompanied with hysterical laughter. I feel she is much smarter than I could ever hope to be, that’s the truth. Math. Iz. Hard.

I am selling some things on Ravelry and Back to that again! But the money is running out, and making even $45 this past few weeks is food money I desperately need. I kind of hope my Wong Kar Wai film doesn’t sell. It’s my highest priced item, I guess because it’s rare. If it does, expect to see #wongkarwaitears on my Twitter feed.


Because it’s my birthday on Sunday, I bought myself a present for under $5 today. Rimmel Kate Moss collection No.8 lipstick. Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell like cocaine and heroin-addicted rock stars. It is the perfect matte rosewood shade, pretty much matching my natural lip color. When you have bigger lips, using a color that matches your lip tone helps play them down, or if you want to play up your eyes instead, it’s a good balancing measure. Although we all know I am no Angelina Jolie, she does this I have read….

Yes, it is my birthday on Sunday, and to call it low key is an understatement. I won’t be seeing my mother. Don’t ask? My mother is going through something right now that I find very disturbing and difficult to talk about. So, I won’t. The only thing I will say is this: I had hoped my father’s passing could bring my mother, sister and I closer together. Sadly, it has done just the opposite. I’ll let you analyze that how you see fit.

Add to the fact that honey is working on Sunday, and that my former best friend and I have sort of….drifted apart, and it will be a big deal if I go to Sephora for my annual free birthday present.

Oh, one more thing: I am actually going to Cross Fit now. For the month of August, my friend and knitting partner (who will sadly be sitting out Stitch Rock this year) has given me a free Groupon to her “Box.” I have been twice. I think every muscle in my body hurts. But I plan to continue attending for the rest of August, and when I get a job again, I think I’ll keep it up.

Don’t look so shocked. But believe me, if I posted the photos of me deadlifting and looking like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Woman, you would. Look shocked.

Nowhere to go but up, right?