Two weeks ago, I blogged here. Or was it more? I am alive, I swear!

Just a little sad and contemplative.

I watched Cherí on DVD last week. It was not as good as I’d hoped, but the costumes were. Total Mucha wet dream all the way. Even the credits were designed like a Mucha flipbook. This dress was my favorite:

I simply love these two colors together.

And then of course, there is this hat:

Let's all start wearing hats like this again, shall we?

Even though La Pfeiffer has obvs had a wee bit of work done, there are still enough lines that give her a bit of a sad, crystallized air. The last shot is truly heartbreaking, but again, the movie itself is not that good.

I am reading three books at once right now. Mayhap I will blog about that tomorrow? Again, I am in a bit of a funk right now; sadly, these things happen.

I also have some designs to submit, and I’m in a bit of a block. And I have ten days to get unblocked. Pray for me.


Aches and pains

I have had lower back pain for going on a week and a half now. I think I am getting used to it? UGH. We all go through this; I know I do. Once a year or so, BOOM. Out goes the back. Tiger Balm stinks, ya’ll.

And I had migraines all last week. This week is Doctor Week! Monday was a new dentist, and tomorrow through Friday, I go back each day. Fun! Today was the neurologist, for my yearly checkup and pill dispensary. Better living through chemistry.

Now, pretty pictures before I trash them!

Ysolda Teague's Damson

You can click on the collage to make it bigger…Anyway, I made this in one week, I really wanted to use up some old yarn in my pile. I think it came out lovely, but um – It looks like ass on me. I love making these big shawl thingies, but my big boobs just don’t support their existence. However, I think: Great Mother’s Day gift for my petite maman! Problem solved. See, I try to make something for me and look what happens…

Blue Button Bandeau Scarf

I whipped this up a few weeks ago and just needed to sew the buttons on. It’s one hank of a discontinued yarn I bought in Vegas on our honeymoon. I know! Who does that? Shop for yarn on their honeymoon?! I’m selling this, it’s cute but was just something to do. Secret: Both this and the Damson were yarns with heavy Rayon content, and I steam the bejeezus out of them to kill it and give them amazing drape. I love steamheat!

Aeroplane Love Grey Headband

This is the last of my “chunky” yarn, and the last in this series of headbands. Hope it sells. My Etsy shop has been a sad, lonely place lately. This pin is from the early 80s, it was mine, so I know. It’s so Hot Tub Time Machine, I can’t even stand it!

So, I’m sorry I’m so negligent of the blog, I’m just trying to recover from the back pain, and figure out what I’m doing here. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and a lot of lusting after the iPad. I am going to submit some designs to a magazine — a U.S. knit magazine — for a 2011 issue, and I have to get on that. I went to a local yarn shop yesterday (!) and didn’t have a seizure. It was one I have gone to twice since I lost my job. They are pretty nice but I didn’t like getting quizzed on my former place of employment.

Thankfully that didn’t happen yesterday. What did happen was one of my old, NICE customers was there. I did the old double-take and chatted her up, told her I was just thinking about her and missed her. She was one of my sweethearts, and even though she didn’t remember my name (none of them do, but I have a sick ability and memory for everyone else’s – go figure) and called me by the whorebeast who fired me’s name, which I corrected right away — I was reminded that I was GOOD at what I did, and people liked me. At least the non-bitches did!

Today, after my doctor’s appt., I was wandering around our local mall, looking at the iPad and other sundries, when I unfortunately ran into to one of the former employees I used to work with. I know, it’s been a year and almost a half since I was “let go,” but I was doing so good not running into these people! I wanted my record to stand.

It was actually one of the nice ones, someone I actually thought was a kind, professional lady. But when she recognized me and stopped me, I think I looked at her like the shit on my shoe. She asked how I was and I said fine, and abruptly walked away.

Sigh. I just don’t want anything to do with those people. When you are treated like you are dead, you prefer to stay unressurected, I guess.

I don’t know why I talk about these things. I guess because I have no one else to say them too? Thanks for listening, Internets.

Cover Girl

Long week…Got sunburnt at a baseball game (Spring Training). Went bowling with my honey, and ate at lots of dive restaurants. And received my grey cape and accoutrements back from the publisher today, along with the cover copy, which is also now officially on line.

Never in a million years did I think my little grey cape would be on the cover. But alas, it is!

Take a gander:

Photo courtesy of Lark Publishing

Well I’m shocked, simply shocked. What do you think of the styling? Apparently it was shot in Asheville, N.C. Wish I lived there. Can’t wait till this thing is up on Ravelry!