Work hard or die trying girl

The eighth annual Stitch Rock is in the books, and I STILL haven’t gotten my photo or shop’s photo in the Broward NewTimes recap. What gives? I have tattoos! I have funky hair! Oh, it’s crazy art teach hair, but who cares?

No, I am serious. I’ve done this for seven years and these people must hate hand knits. The photographers come by my table every year, but no photos are taken. I’m insulted!


My humble table. I had lots of stuff under the table that I pulled out as needed.

But not that much.  I had a great show – probably my best since our second show in 2009. It’s funny to watch the up and downs of the economy, what folks buy and when. I just roll with it.

This year my most popular items were my neutral hats made from Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool. This is my go-to yarn. I was never a fan until my partner (she really doesn’t do the shows with me anymore, but still) got me hooked. I get it for 40 to 50% off with a coupon. It has more than 400 yards a skein. I can get two hats out of one skein. It’s economical.


My gorgeous booth neighbor Traci Moody from Bally Ding Review. She looks awesome in my vintage beret made from Florida-farmed alpaca.

As for all the other colors of my twisting vines cabled hat, I did sell a few purple and red. But you just never know. I’ve been making fiber art cuffs for years, and I hate them. It is so fiddly to sew on buttons and weave in ends. And no one has EVER bought them! Until this year. Who knew?

I only sold two shawls, and one cowl. These items weren’t as popular as they have been in past. But still and all, I’m happy. I made good money, had a good time, was upstairs for the first time ever, which really panned out. I was next to a vendor who is a friend, and her shop was so amazing it couldn’t help but bleed interest on to mine.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted and spent, but in a GOOD way. I have said it before and will say it again – I feel more satisfaction in a job well done when I do these craft shows or design work than I ever had at any nine to five job. Sorry not sorry.

I calculated, and I’ve sold around 400 items over the past seven years. I wish it was more, but can’t tell you how proud and content that makes me. No lie.


Okay, this pretty lady (She really does have great hair) bought nothing, but her handmade dress matched the skirt I made for my dummy, so I HAD to take a photo.

The bottom line is everything went smashingly. I’m proud of my work, proud of how I did, and felt a sense of freeness. I think it’s because I went it alone this time. Let me explain. Honey was there, helping with the six hauls from car to venue, venue to car. He sat with me almost all day. He made two sales for me! He even tweeted that with a #coffeeisforclosers hashtag! I gently reminded him he MIGHT get the steak knives if he was lucky.

But my partner wasn’t there. She was at a beautiful family wedding in Canada (where she’s from, incidentally). And even if she had been home, I was okay going it alone. I’ve done it at one large show before, and a very small X-mas showcase many years ago.

But I felt unburdened, and like I wasn’t responsible for anyone else’s happiness but my own. And you see, that’s the ironic thing: My friend is the most giving, loving supportive friend I’ve ever had, who never complains and always supports me. But I’m the one that felt like I was dragging her along. I was responsible for her happiness throughout the day. And that’s entirely on me. When you come from a dysfunctional/alcoholic family, that’s the way you can be hard-wired. You feel like if you can just  other folks happy, then everything will be alright.This is something I’ve carried from me since my childhood. I’m 47 years old. It’s time to stop it.


This is what I came home to after Stitch Rock. I’m lucky.

Well, I wrote all that during the last two weeks when I had nothing to do at work. But now, I do. Have stuff to do. I am only there five hours a day, and I think sometimes they forget that. I’ll get by.

But as usual, real life started to intrude. Honey’s grandpa died two days ago. He was 92 and went peacefully, but still. Then, his car broke down on Monday. It’s still in the shop, but it will be fixed by Monday.

There has been much sturm und drag around these parts, though. I’ve been driving him in to work by 8 a.m., and sitting in the cafeteria reading or knitting until I report at 10 a.m. Then I wait from 3 p.m. to whenever for him to be ready. I am a happy little clam with a book and my knitting, but it’s meant less time to do important things around the house.

So I think I’ll close there. My eyes are starting to bleed and the screen looks funny. That’s why I hate…sitting in front of a computer all day! Know this: I plan to do this for one year and then it’s time for something else. I’ll go into that more later, but I said it and I meant it.

PicMonkey Collage

Because I want to be honest – the left is one of my selfies after I’ve filtered it, and the right is the daily truth. But I’m happy being grey, so it’s okay.