Houses in Motion

I’m walking a line
Visiting houses in motion
I’m walking a line
Just barely enough to be living
Get outta the way
No time to begin
This isn’t the time
So nothing was done
Not talking about
Not many at all
I’m turning around
No trouble at all
Two different houses surround you, ’round you
I’m walking a line
Divide and dissolve

Happy New Year. I’m going to have to put my cat to sleep soon and I really hate my job. I know that second part has a whiff of lather, rinse, repeat about it. I’m officially too old for this shit.

Don’t worry. I’ll be back in late February, drunk Oscar tweeting. I’m taking the week off, anyway.

All I want to do lately is listen to Remain in Light on repeat. Enjoy the concert from Rome. I did.