Like a cumulo nimbus

We have a “tropical storm” hanging over us, and if you are in the northeast, I imagine it is coming your way to drop buckets of rain, so I am sorry. I still have to go to work today, and imagine you do, too. So why are the children out of school?

Anyway….My days are pretty regimented here. I get up, shower and knit in the morning, then go to work, go the the gym, come home and make dinner, then knit and read and go to bed by 10. I knit so much because I have a show in December in Sarasota, and want to have lots of stuff ready. It is the Atomic Holiday Bazaar, and it’s a two-day extravaganza.

Stitch Rock was fun; the A/C was broken and that sucked, but we had a nice time hanging out. Lots of cute girls bought my stuff and I snapped a photo.

I really hated to let that red hat go, but the girl looked so pretty in it, and I actually charged a fair price (ie, it was not cheap!) because of all the work I put into it.

This Saturday, if the weather holds, I’m getting a new tattoo. You’ll have to wait for photos, but I’m basing it on this Julia Kuo imaage:

Julia is an illustrator and I love her work, this was for an album by Priscilla Ahn. I have been obsessed with this image for over two years, so it was time to pull the trigger.

Next up will probably be Dino the cat from the French animated movie A Cat in Paris. You have been warned!

Have you ever wanted to see a movie so much you thought you were going to explode? No matter what the critics said (and some have perhaps been less than kind) you are about to pee your pants for want of seeing it?

I am going to see Cloud Atlas on Sunday. I don’t care if it’s 3 hours long, I don’t care who’s in it or that they’re playing multiple parts. Because quite simply, it is based on one of the best BOOKS I have ever read, and I just have to go. I think the best review I read was that it was like a big, wet kiss and that you would have to wipe off some of the slobber afterwards, but it was still a big kiss.

I can live with that. Plus, my sweet precious angel Ben Whishaw is getting the best notices of the cast. Who is surprised? Not this person.

My sister had her baby this week. It’s a girl (we knew in advance). All is well. I’m feeling kind of hinky about my job but soldier on. We have found a new place to live and move over New Year’s weekend.

That is all for now.


The other girls.

OMG. Today at work I had the office to myself. You know what that means. I brought my iPod in and plugged it in to the boombox (yeah, some of us still have those) and listened to WHAT I WANTED TO LISTEN TO.

Look, it’s not like I hate the radio. It’s just that, um, I HATE THE RADIO. Here’s the thing; the radio is not what you remember. The radio used to be programmed by people who didn’t play the same 30 songs at the same time every day. Every. Fucking. Day.

Oh, sure. I can change the channel to the “rock” station. But they do it, too. Oh, you want some country? Yup, they’re guilty as well. I even surrendered to the quiet storm of love jazz for a few days, but hey, it’s the same deal.

Why? Why? People who listen to the radio are most likely in offices. Why make us suffer? Are you trying to make us suicidal or murderous lunatics, Clear Channel? Wait. Don’t answer.

Anyway. The “Sunny” station we have it on plays way too much Stevie Nicks. I mean, I can’t with “Edge of Seventeen” anymore. And ladies, I was a fan back in the day! Except, if I’m being honest, and I am….I was secretly always more of a Christine girl.

I know, I know, me with the nine-minute You Tube videos. But I watch this thing incessantly.

And then there’s my Beyonce problem. It’s not really a problem. It’s just that I like her sister Solange so much better. She gets a shit-ton of shade thrown at her on the Internets, but you won’t hear it from me. Love the new song and video, love the fashion inspiration, and love the natural hair.

So there you go, what you should have learned today – I like being by myself for nine hours.
And clearly, I am not watching the debate.