Getting a quick one out while honey is sleeping. Spending the morning watching old-ish videos and looking at what I call “pretty girl blogs.” My friend Gina will know what I mean. Girl, where you at?

Although girls like that and others long for….well, longer ago, I just want to go back ten years or so when I was pretty happy and doing things like going to see Supergrass in concert.

Listening to a lot of Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy and old Moloko this week. And then this popped up and I was in heaven.

I remember when Sir Ian McEllan hosted SNL back in the day and Kylie was the musical guest. He sat on the edge of the stage with such a delighted look on his face and sang along. The camera panned out and caught it just for a second.

That made me happy.

I know I don’t write much anymore, but maybe I’ll get deeper soon. Not a lot of knitting anymore, b/c that’s just boring to write about. Maybe some photos this weekend? If it doesn’t rain all weekend. We’ll see.

I’m pulling out my Kylie CDs for the road right now.



I got this on vinyl at my favorite dive record (yes I said record) store yesterday. But the special is the best, and you can actually watch it on You Tube.

I think the RC Cola ad is my favorite part. Because, srsly., I love me some RC.

I want to die and come back as Nancy. Or Alison Goldfrapp. I am in my blonde years again, I think.

The performance American TV didn’t want you to see

Screw you Katie Couric, I don’t want to see fat bastard Elton John gasping at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. And I KNOW he had pneumonia. I want to see Miss Kylie, and Grace Jones, and THIS:

One of my favorite songs of all time! I want this performance to go back in time to Queen Elizabeth I’s Diamond Jubilee. Damned Armada!!